Peyton Moyler

Howdy Ho! My name is Peyton and I am a senior here on the Paw Print News staff. This is my second year with the organization and although this year isn’t the one we all envisioned, we are still making it a great one. Other than Paw Print, I am the president of the National Honors Society and member of Student Council here at Bath High School. My favorite part of Paw Print was the parties, but I fear those might be a thing of the past. My favorite memory is the very last day of in-person school in March, we were told that we were only going to be out for three weeks but we weren’t so sure about that so we had fun as if it was our last, which it ended up being. That whole class period that day we were doing many fun activities, my favorite being fishing out the window to see what we could get off of the roof.