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Mental Health and Students

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Mental Health

In a recent survey I took, I asked ten students from the sophomore class what stresses them out the most about school. Seven students said homework and tests. Two students said balancing out school life and extracurriculars.  One student said

Fun Fall Activities

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Pumpkin Patch

Helllooo BHS, Ohio has seem to taken a “slight” chance of weather patterns by the end of this week.  When this week started, everyone was sweating and tired of Ohio’s weather and it been too hot, but now everyone is

Emily From The Met

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The Met

Junior Emily Vandemark has been working at The Met for about two months. At The Met, Emily is a server’s assistant. As a server’s assistant, she runs food and buses tables. Here at BHS, she is the vice president of

Movies to watch in October/November

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On October 5th, the comic book movie Venom first played at theaters, so far earning over $80 Million. the movie tells the story of Eddie Brock, a journalist trying to take down Carlton Drake, a notorious man with strange experiments.


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Gatekeepers at B-H-S! Bath High School is filled with many clubs and activities for students to be involved in. A new club at BHS  this year is Gatekeepers. Gatekeepers was brought to our school by Emily Vandemark, who is a

Mr. Advice

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Dear Mr. Advice, I am very involved in multiple clubs here at BHS. I just feel like there is not enough time in the day for me to give my all in all of these groups. Should I drop a

October :)

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Here at good ole BHS, it’s October and usually October means that leaves will fall and the weather patterns will change and it will be cold.  But obviously since we live in Ohio, we can’t have what we want.  Its

Precious Paige

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Paige Williams is a senior here at Bath High School. She was born on July 12, 2001 to Scott and Wendy Williams. She has an older brother Logan Williams, who recently graduated from Bath in 2017. Paige plays volleyball and

Constructions Closes the Roads

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For a while now construction has been going in and out of Lima.  Recently, as everybody knows, the city has been painting the lines on 117 also known as Bellefontaine.  Right down the road though is even more construction on


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In honor of homecoming being on Saturday, October 6th, Bath Local Schools recently had a homecoming parade followed by a community bonfire. On Wednesday, October 3rd people gathered around the campus and watched the many different floats drive by. There