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Paws & Claws

Paw: It’s Fall Y’all!!Claw: My hands always being numb from being so cold Paw: Being able to be in your PJs all day doing onlineClaw: You don’t get to see your fav teachers Paw: Working out and getting in shapeClaw: Being sore 24/7 Paw: Going to Suters to do fall thingsClaw: Not being able to […]

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Golf Member of the Week

This week’s golf member of the week is junior, Britton Hall! Britton has been golfing for about 7 years and he has become very involved in the game throughout the years. Some of Britton’s goals for golf are to always be improving and to help his teammates improve their game. The team’s record this year […]

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Lunch Menu

        9. Bosco cheese bread sticks With pizza sauce Bacon cheese burger Fresh carrots Green beans Pineapple tidbits Fresh fruit – Milk 12. Mini corn dogs Fiestada pizza Fresh broccoli Baked beans Peaches Fresh fruit Milk 13.  Breaded chicken sandwich Pizza sub Tossed salad w/ cheese Green beans Applesauce Fresh fruit Milk […]