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Can The Weather Affect Learning?

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Over the past week, we’ve seen our first snowfall! Though winter has not begun yet, the feeling is here.  Since it is colder, people have been bundling up.  But, the changing in temperature can affect learning environments.  During the summer,

Hygiene Barrel Drive

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Hygiene Barrel Drive

The Interact Club is hosting a hygiene barrel drive this year. This Monday, students can donate different items to the drive. Items include: toilet paper, toothpaste/toothbrushes, deodorant, laundry detergent, bath soap, disposable diapers, shampoo/conditioner, feminine hygiene products. Items that are

Spanish Field Trip

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Field Trip

On October 16, 2018 , Spanish classes three, four, and five get to go a Spanish singing concert. Hosted at Wapak, these students will get to experience different Spanish songs. The concert will have different cover songs of famous Spanish

Wildcat Time Classroom Changes

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Wildcat Paw

Beginning on the week of October 29, 2018 students will move wildcat times. Wildcat Time is a twenty minute study hall where clubs can meet up and students can get their work done. Now, students will go to a different

University of Toledo visit

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University of Toledo

On Wednesday 24th, 2018 a representative from the University of Toledo came to talk to Bath High School students. In Mr. Grime’s room the representative talked to students about the university’s engineering program. The representative talked about what the University

Incentives For High Schoolers

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On October 18, 2018 students from the freshmen class get to go bowling. It is an incentive for the students did better on their state tests, compared to their previous scores. This incentive was also here last year for present

Mental Health and Students

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Mental Health

In a recent survey I took, I asked ten students from the sophomore class what stresses them out the most about school. Seven students said homework and tests. Two students said balancing out school life and extracurriculars.  One student said