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Choir Member of the Week

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Robert Mooney “Junebug” Jr. was born on October 5th,2000 to his wonderful parents Margaret and Robert Mooney Sr. Robert is an only child, something that he enjoys very much. He is a senior, a four-year letterman in soccer, and is

Charismatic Caleb

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Caleb Mark Buerger was born on March 6th, 2000 to his parents Jon and Stacey. Caleb is a senior here at Bath High School, and is loving every single minute of it. He has one brother, Josh, who is 19

Peppa Parlapiano

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Cole “Peppa” Parlapiano was brought into this world on September 14th, 2000, by his wonderful parents Amity and Dan. He has one brother, Carter, who is a freshman here at BHS. Cole has gone to Bath Local Schools his whole

Teacher of the Week: Mr Prichard

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For this week’s teacher of the week, we here in the Paw Print thought the honor should be bestowed upon Mr. Prichard. Mr. Prichard teaches Industrial Tech and CBI, both of which help better prepare our students for life outside

Marvelous Mrs. Carman

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Mrs. Carman

Mrs. Carman is a para-professional here at Bath High School. She is also my wonderful mother, and the best one in the entire world. Mrs. Carman is married to Mike Carman, and has been for 27 years! They have four

Senior and Prom Edition

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As you all know, the senior’s last day is tomorrow. Unfortunately, we cannot all be this lucky and the rest of us still have to go for a little while longer. As the seniors leave the school tomorrow, we are

Prom 2018

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This past weekend, Bath High School had it’s amazing prom night. It was hosted at the UNOH Event Center and we had a theme of “enchanted forest”. Before prom, many people got there a little before it started to do

Cavaliers Steal Game 1

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The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors have had quite the history the past few years in the post-season. In 2017, the Raptors were swept by Cleveland and in 2016, they were whooped in six games. It’s safe to say

Fortnite Season 4: Skins

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Fortnite, the global sensation that has entranced gamers all around the world, has just entered Season 4! With each new season, there’s changes made to the map and multiple items are added. These items may include guns, new skins, or

Celtics Take Game One

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On Monday night, April 30, the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers faced off in the first game of the second round series for the Eastern Conference. The Celtics won their previous series in seven games versus the Milwaukee Bucks.