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Tree House Craft

Bookmark Craft for Kids Using Pressed Flowers and Leaves

Todays nature craft is going to be pressed flower and leaves bookmarks! This craft is a super easy, affordable, and fun option for when you’re looking to try something new. The best part is that you can be as creative as you would like! For this craft, you will need leaves and flowers, cardstock, scissors, glue, contact paper or a laminator, a single hole punch, and your choice of yarn, string, or ribbon. First, take some time out of your day to go on a nice nature walk, or maybe just a look around your backyard, to find a couple of flowers and leaves that really catch your eye. Once you have found the perfect ones, let your flowers and leaves sit inside the pages of a tick book for 3 to 4 days. This will allow them to become pressed and dry, perfect for this craft. Next, cut some cardstock into the desired size of your bookmark, feeling free to use any color paper you would like. After this is done, carefully position your pressed flowers and leaves onto the cardstock and glue them on. Once glued on, cover your bookmark using either a laminator or clear contact paper to seal the deal. Trim off any excess plastic and add any finishing details. Go crazy with hole punches, and don’t be scared to throw in some string or ribbon to pull it all together. Finally, sit back and take in your new masterpiece. You now have a beautiful new bookmark!