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Paws & Claws

Paw: It’s Fall Y’all!!
Claw: My hands always being numb from being so cold

Paw: Being able to be in your PJs all day doing online
Claw: You don’t get to see your fav teachers

Paw: Working out and getting in shape
Claw: Being sore 24/7

Paw: Going to Suters to do fall things
Claw: Not being able to navigate out of the first circle in the maze and quitting

Paw: Starting a new series on Netflix
Claw: Finishing it in under a week

Paw: Being the youngest in your grade so your friends have to drive you around
Claw: Not being able to go anywhere by yourself

Paw: Getting the new iPhone
Claw: Face ID never working

Paw: Going to Texas Roadhouse
Claw: The wait always being at least half an hour

Paw: Drinking lots of water to lose weight
Claw: Having to pee every 10 minutes

Paw: Getting a “Kewpee ice” maker
Claw: Everyone using it so much that it breaks