Student Life

My Favorite Food

Food. The thing that every human needs to survive. The thing that Lili Green needs in order to not be grumpy at a Monday night practice. The thing that allows McKenna Hale and I to have a competition to see who eats their meal the fastest (She wins every single time, no cap). I’ve never seen anyone eat pizza the way she does… But anyways, our world today revolves around food, and without it we wouldn’t be able to survive. When my friends reach out to ask if I want to grab something to eat with them, our minds all wonder to the same place… Taco Bell. This is our go-to place when nothing else sounds good. It is quick, and simple when it comes to what to order. Every time I go, I get the same exact thing. A chicken quesadilla with an order of chips and cheese. It is such a great combo, and it smacks every single time. With this being said, my favorite food would definitely have to be any type of Mexican food. Anyone that knows me could for sure figure that one out in a second. Oh, and by the way, McKenna and I would be very disappointed if we figured out you don’t mix ketchup and ranch together to dip your chicken nuggets in. Also, if you don’t mix ketchup with your mac n cheese… then you aren’t doing it right.