Bath High School Student Features

Sassy Sabrina

Sabrina Hefner is a senior here at BHS, and is our senior girl this week! Sabrina is the daughter of Brittiney Hefner, and has three younger brothers who also go to Bath. Her family also consists of two cats, Rosemary and a rescue named Salem. Sabrina’s favorite class is American Sign Language because she loves being able to express herself in another language, and her favorite teacher is Mr. Mohler! She loves listening to all of the stories he shares, and she has had him for two years now. After high school she plans to become a criminal psychologist, and although she isn’t sure where she wants to go to college, she is thinking about Ohio State University or the University of Tampa. Sabrina’s best friends here at Bath are Tyler Ross and Mariah Mathews, and you can often find them hanging out together in the halls! So, if you see Sabrina around, be sure to say hello!