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NHS Ceremony

Last night was the induction ceremony for NHS, and I have not felt that awkward or embarrassed in a long time. This past Friday, I got tapped, which basically meant getting selected and taken out of class. The person who tapped me had to ask me a series of questions, one of them being my favorite candy/sweet. Little did I know, they were supposed to get it for us to give to us at the ceremony. So I said Blue Moon ice cream, which happens to be very hard to find. Fast forward to the ceremony, I was told that they could not find it and I told them it was hard to find. They told me I would be the only one not getting anything when I go up which I was fine with because I knew why, but nobody else did. Once I got called up and my answers to the questions were said out loud, I just had to walk back to where everyone else was with bags while I was empty handed. This prompted all the parents and grandparents that did not understand do a big “awwwww” in pity. That made me feel extremely awkward in itself, but then my fellow classmates did not understand either, so some tried to offer me some of their candy, which made me feel even more awkward and embarrassed. Moral of the story: ANSWER SIMPLE ANSWERS TO SIMPLE QUESTIONS.