2019 MLB Playoffs

By: Austin Sakemiller

      This year’s Major League Baseball postseason has been one to remember. The drama started even before the first playoff games was played, as both league’s wildcard races went down to the wire. In the National League, the Washington Nationals and the Milwaukee Brewers were able to beat out the Chicago Cubs and the New York Mets to earn their playoff bids. For the American League wildcards, the Tampa Bay Rays and the Oakland Athletics earned their spots by beating out the Cleveland Indians. In these singular games the Nationals and the Rays both came out on top. These two teams then had to match up the top seeds of their respective leagues. This began the start of the league divisional series’. In the NL, the St. Louis Cardinals went up against the Atlanta Braves, and the Cardinals came out on top. The other matchup was the Nationals versus the Dodgers, and the Nationals ended up on top. In the ALDS, the Minnesota Twins went up against the New York Yankees, with the Yankees winning easily. The last matchup was the Houston Astros against the Rays. The Astros came out on top. In the NLCS, the Cardinals got swept by the Nationals, putting the Nationals in the World Series for the first time in franchise history. The ALCS is currently 2-1 in favor of the Astros. This postseason has been one to remember, and there will be plenty more history made.