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Everyone knows about the squirrel that sacrificed its short life to give us a day out of school on September 26th, 2018. We all left after third period, and it was pure bliss. I mean, it’s not every day that we get to leave school from a power outage! Most kids went out to eat with their friends, went home and did their homework, or took a trip to the mall to de-stress. A freak accident turned into one of the greatest days here at good ole BHS. It turns out, that squirrel had a friend that decided to share that same fate. So, in turn, there was ANOTHER power outage. This one was March 13th of this year, 2019. Unfortunately, the power came back on in the middle of 2nd period and we had to stay in the building, but it was still another legendary moment. Nothing beats the sound of Mr. Jesko saying over the PA: “This is a message from another squirrel in the transformer”. What a time to be alive… unlike those two squirrels.

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