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Lex Boedicker is a sophomore here at Bath High School. When he’s not busy with school, baseball, or family, he’s working at Empowered Sports. Empowered Sports is a sports complex people can go to for soccer, baseball, or softball. Lex started working there about two months ago. He figured he would like it there since he needed a job and he loves baseball. He preferably didn’t want to work in foods. A normal day at Empowered Sports for Lex consists of vacuuming the turf, mopping floors, picking up baseballs, and if he has nothing to do, shooting hoops. His favorite part about working there is being able to get some swings in the cage or being around his coworkers. His least favorite part is cleaning and vacuuming the turf. Lex usually works on Saturdays and Sundays, about six hours a day. If you have any questions about Empowered Sports, feel free to ask Lex about them!

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