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Pet of the Week

In this week’s edition of Pet of the Week the Paw Print would like to highlight the lovely cat owned by Junior Morgan Mosley. Morgan has a cat named Tiger. Her family got this cat in September of 2018. Their journey of getting this cat is not as normal as most people would think. They found him outside of the church that the Mosley’s attend, and they just knew that they had to bring him home. That’s when all the fun memories began! Morgan’s favorite memory with Tiger is when he jumped and hit his head on the kitchen table, don’t worry though, Tiger took it like a champ! Tiger has a very interesting story, he is also a very interesting cat. He loves to sit with Morgan and watch Law and Order with her. Her cat is just a youngin still, only 7 months old! Which is why he is always so energetic and playful. Since he is so young, the Mosley’s make sure he stays inside so he does not wander away. Although, he is a very fun and playful cat he is also a little annoying at times, especially when Morgan is trying to sleep. Tiger loves to hide under her bed when she is trying to sleep. Even though there are times that Morgan gets annoyed she wouldn’t trade Tiger for anything in the world.

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