Bath High School Student Features

Cool Camps

This week we would like to highlight the amazing senior Dominic Joseph Camps! He was born on September 14th, 2000 in Lima, Ohio to Joseph Camps and Brandi Little. He also has two brothers. His brother Tony is a 2017 graduate of BHS and his younger brother Jacob is a freshman this year! Here at Bath, Dominic is a member of all the bands that Bath has! He also loves to play music outside of school. Although Dominic does enjoy everything music related, his favorite class here at BHS is calculus. When Dominic is not learning all the fun topics in calculus, he is spending time with his best friends: Hanna Maxwell, Steve Parthemore, Vincent Abrams, and Jake Strange. Dominic also loves to eat at his favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, but he will never pass up the opportunity for a laid back meal at the Cable Road Pizza Hut! If you know Dominic, you know he is a loyal Philadelphia Eagles fan which is why the Eagles’ team color is also his favorite color. Although he has enjoyed his time here at Bath, Dominic is excited for graduation this spring. So if you ever see Dominic around school be sure to say hello!

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