Bath High School Student Features

Car of the Week

The week’s car of the week is Brenton Brock’s Hyundai Sonata. Brenton got his first car in September of 2017 when he came home from an away soccer game. When he got off the bus, his dad was waiting there with the car. He loves the grey color and leather interior of his car. He often refers to it as the “Swagmobile.” When looking for a car, they were deciding between a black or grey one, but the grey one had heated leather seats, so grey it was! He has scraped it once when he was backing out of a friend’s driveway. He tried to maneuver around a camper, but came out with a tiny scratch. Brenton really enjoys driving, especially when he can turn his music up as loud as the speakers can go. A fun fact about Brenton’s car is that his mom has the same car, just in dark purple. If you ever see Brenton driving around jamming to his music, give him a honk!

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