Five Day Weekend

On Tuesday, January 29, students were anticipating a cancellation for the following day. What we didn’t anticipate was being cancelled for two more days. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we were cancelled. This can be blamed on the snow and chilly temperatures of these three days. On Wednesday, January 30, temperatures were in the negatives. On Thursday, the temperature was around the same. On Thursday night, snow began to fall. This prompted the Allen County Sheriff department to announce that driving conditions were hazardous. Which made Friday, February 1, our third cancellation day. Different reports have said that a Polar Vortex is hitting the Midwest. This could also mean bad news for BHS students, and schools around the area. On Thursday, January 31, was the last cancellation day for BHS. Since we were cancelled on Friday, we have to make up days. We will have to come to school on Presidents Day which is February 18. That Monday was planned for a day off. It won’t be anymore since we used  all of our cancellation days, and one more. The first weekend of February will still be chilly, make sure to stay warm BHS!

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