Inside the Lives of BHS Students

Bath High School students are very busy people! High School is a time for opportunity and fun, but I’m not sure that many people know what our daily lives are. The average student wakes up at 7-7:30 a.m. and prepares for a rough day at school. The first bell rings at 8:10 and then first period begins, students are half asleep an trying to wake up to understand what the teachers are saying. By the time second period rolls around everyone is awake and half way ready to take on the day. After third period there is about 30 minutes of wildcat time for students to study, visit teachers, and ask for help on certain subjects. Although this time is rarely used right it is a joyous break in our long day at school. Recently we have had speakers in Wildcat Time coming in to share there wisdom about the career path that they chose, this usually takes place in the auditorium and is open for grades 9-12 and teachers  are also welcome. Finally it is one period until lunch! Fourth period is always rough on many students waiting on lunch, and can hardly focus do to running on low fuel. Eventually though fourth period comes to an end and is easy for students who have A lunch! A lunch is a very busy lunch packed  full of students, very different from B lunch with less than 20 kids in the cafeteria. C lunch is also very large and these kids are extremely hungry waiting almost an hour longer than half the school to eat and refuel. After the hour long 5th period comes 6th. Now the rest of the day is simple and a breeze compared to the morning only two class periods until everyone is free to leave. Although B-H-S is filled full of talented students, as a result many kids go to extra curricular activities after school. Such as sports, band and clubs. These activities sometimes can last as late as 9:30! Even though students still have 3 hours of homework and studying to do at home, and make it to bed at a reasonable time. The life of a high school student is rough, so if we all stick together we can create a strong, passionate school. 

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