Fab Faith

Sophomore Faith Kindig was born on March 24, 2003. To her parents Marilyn and Jerry Kindig. She has a twin brother, Noah Kindig, who is a junior here at BHS. Faith has two dogs, Joe and Lady, and a cat named Gary. She also has 4 goats, with babies on the way. Faith is involved in many different sports and clubs at BHS. Such as FCA, Track, Soccer, and she plays Clarinet for the band. Faith is also involved in 4H outside of school. Her favorite teacher at BHS is Mr. Fay and her favorite subject is math. She likes to hang out with her friends and to watch movies/ Youtube. Her favorite Netflix series was a tough question to answer but it is Green Arrow. Faith is soldering through her sophomore year saying that high school is “Better than middle school”. If you see Faith in the hallways, make sure to say hi!

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