Baker Proving He’s Not Poor

On Wednesday, January 23, Mr. Baker announced he will be paying for the first fifty BHS student tickets for the Friday night game! On twitter, @CoachDanBaker, Mr. Baker announced his plan for the Tuesday, the 29, game. He also announced the same offer to Perry High School students for the 1/29 game. He may pay for more students or for every student depending on the turnout of these two games. With the announcement, Mr. Baker stated that he will put “Money where his mouth is”. In a previous tweet, Mr. Baker stated that he believes high school events should be free. Listing a number of reasons on why free events could make a positive impact. “Increased student involvement, school spirit, concession sales, spirit wear sales, competition, and adult attendance” he stated in his tweet. The main reasons on why he will be paying for the tickets. With over 1,000 retweets and 4,000 likes many students/faculty feel the same way.

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