Joyful Jasmine

This week’s senior girl of the week is Jasmine Blauvelt! Here at good ole’ Bath High School, Jasmine plays volleyball. Her favorite teacher here is Mrs. Utendorf. Although Mrs. Utendorf teaches English, Jasmine’s favorite subject is actually math. She has 2 sisters as well as 3 brothers. After high school, she plans on attending college to be a physician assistant, but hasn’t decided on a college yet. Along with her siblings, Jasmine also has a dog. Her name is Dixie and she is a yellow lab. Jasmine works at JCPenny at the Lima Mall and has been for over a year now. Her favorite color has to be blue. If Jasmine could go anywhere in the world, she would travel to Dubai. A random fact about Jasmine is that she loves fall and winter. They are her favorite seasons. If you see Jasmine around the halls or working at JCPenny, make sure you say hi!

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