Hunter Reed from Happy Daz

When, senior, Hunter Reed is not participating in sports, hanging out with his friends, or playing video games, he is an employee at the Happy Daz restaurant on Bellefontaine Avenue, in Lima.  Hunter has been working at Happy Daz since last summer, and his favorite part of his job are the people.  He has made many new friends, and when he is at work, he normally cooks and cleans.  He still does not always enjoy his job, but only plans on staying at Happy Daz a few years.   Hunter has many interesting stories but his favorite is when he made his manager laugh so hard that he put his hand on the grill and accidentally burnt himself.  He works 25+ hours a week, and his normal hours are 4 o’clock until close.  If anyone is ever hungry, make sure you go to Happy Daz and say Hello to Hunter!

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