Charismatic Caleb

Caleb Mark Buerger was born on March 6th, 2000 to his parents Jon and Stacey. Caleb is a senior here at Bath High School, and is loving every single minute of it. He has one brother, Josh, who is 19 years old. Caleb recently came back to Bath after leaving in 7th grade just for his senior year. Caleb’s favorite place to eat is Wendy’s, where he gets the amazing 4 for 4 deal.  His favorite thing to do is play baseball, which he will be doing this spring for the Wildcats, and he also plays football. He says that the football team thrives off of seeing their die-hard fans in the stands, so make sure to come out and support! Caleb’s favorite teacher after his short time here is Mr. Rube. He says that so far he is just having fun and enjoying senior year with his friends. If you happen to see Caleb in the halls, or eating a delicious meal at Wendy’s, make sure to say hi!

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