Spanish Field Trip

Field Trip

On October 16, 2018 , Spanish classes three, four, and five get to go a Spanish singing concert. Hosted at Wapak, these students will get to experience different Spanish songs. The concert will have different cover songs of famous Spanish spoken songs. To prepare for this concert, the Spanish classes are learning the different famous songs. The field trip, this year, lasted around five hours. The cover artists performed songs from famous artists such as Selena.  The artists also brought students on the stage. Students got to play instruments,  dance, and try their Spanish speaking skills. The concert was very energetic and another way to help learn Spanish. The main reason for this trip was a way to get Spanish into students heads. Learning Spanish is not only learning the language, but also the culture of different Spanish speaking people. Music is a way to blend those two together. This concert was a way for students to be more engaged with Spanish!

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