Christmas Basket Fundraiser

Every year, Student Council puts together Christmas baskets to give to families in our community that don’t have money to spend on Christmas. These baskets are made and then the members of Student Council go out and deliver them right before Christmas break starts for Bath. In order to raise money to buy the things that will go in these baskets, they are putting on a fundraiser. Before school on December 3rd-December 7th, you can go down to the lobby and donate any amount of money. If you can’t make it before school, there will also be a spot during all three lunches, in the lunchroom, that you can donate. Make sure to put your money in the box that has your grade level on it because the grade that has raised the most money at the end of the week will be able to pick the movie that want to watch on the last day of school before Christmas break. If Student Councils goal of $1200 is reached then not only will there be a movie on the last day but they will also have fun activities for the whole school to participate in after the movies are over.

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