Can The Weather Affect Learning?


Over the past week, we’ve seen our first snowfall! Though winter has not begun yet, the feeling is here.  Since it is colder, people have been bundling up.  But, the changing in temperature can affect learning environments.  During the summer, we all felt the effects of the heat. For many students, the heat was a huge distraction from learning.  So the weather can have some effects on students.  Different seasons also cause different mood changes. In the winter, more people tend to be moody.  The lack of sunshine and the overall grayness outside cause more people to be gloomy.  SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder is a syndrome caused by the lack of sunshine in winter months.  People who suffer from this can be depressed and suffer from anxiety simply because of the weather. So students who do have this syndrome see the effect on their productivity and grades. Although, the holiday season is here. Decorations are being put up and the holiday feeling is here. This feeling helps lift up more people. Instead of focusing on the gloomy skies people can see the holiday joy all around them!

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