Basketball Season

Basketball Court

Since the end of our football season this past Friday, the whole school is looking forward to Basketball season coming up. Basketball season is filled with many fun activities. Such as dodge ball after games and fifth quarters. Fifth quarter has been a huge hit during football season, and at the last fifth quarter it was announced that their would be more during basketball. Also the basketball student section is filled with school spirit and chants led by our wildcat cheerleaders. We have many new basketball players coming into the program with the freshman class. The freshman class was also very successful in middle school. Last year they were undefeated all the way into the championship, and won. Everyone is extremely ready for the new basketball season to start up.  Be sure to support your high school basketball teams( Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman Team). So be sure to make your way out to the basketball games and be there for the start of tip-off, it is all ways loads of fun!

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