Wildcat Time Classroom Changes

Wildcat Paw

Beginning on the week of October 29, 2018 students will move wildcat times. Wildcat Time is a twenty minute study hall where clubs can meet up and students can get their work done. Now, students will go to a different classroom for wildcat time. Every week students will change their wildcat time teachers. Depending on where you are, your wildcat time will bounce around your wing and on to the next. When grade cards or interims are being passed out, students will report to their wildcat time assigned to them in the begging of the year. All students must report to their wildcat time before meeting with any clubs. Mr. Jesko E-mailed all students on which teacher they will be visiting every week up until Christmas break. When students return to school from Christmas break, then they will be E-Mailed a schedule for the rest of the year. This was put in place so different students and different teachers can bond with each other. Some teachers might not meet students all four year that they are here. Some students might not get to know the different teachers here. This allows students and teachers to have the opportunity to bond.

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