University of Toledo visit

University of Toledo

On Wednesday 24th, 2018 a representative from the University of Toledo came to talk to Bath High School students. In Mr. Grime’s room the representative talked to students about the university’s engineering program. The representative talked about what the University of Toledo has to offer in their engineering field. They talked about the different types of engineering. Mechanical, chemical, electrical, etc. Engineering is a field that anyone can have an interest in. If you want to be creative, save lives, or change lives then there is a career path in engineering for you. The representative had a presentation and props for the students. These props were building materials and different inventions that engineers created. The representative talked about the significance of engineering. How engineering is used in our everyday lives. From opening a door to going to space, engineering was used. The University of Toledo has a program where many students came out as successful engineers. If you are interested in the university’s engineering program, then contact your guidance counselor.

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