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This week for Try Guys, junior Nathan Adams and I attempted to play various marching band instruments. I of course am in band so it was a little easier for me. We started out playing the Clarinet, which was kind of hard to get a sound on, and when I finally did all I got was a loud screeching sound like nails on a chalkboard. I also tried to play the oboe which I had no luck whatsoever on creating a good sound. I then switched over to a brass instrument and tried the Trumpet, which was kind of like playing the trombone but I had to pinch my lips a lot more before I could make a sound. Once I got going however, I had the most success with playing it out of all the instruments we played. I of course had to try to play the behemoth of all instruments… the Tuba. This one required a lot of air to play and I was out of breath after my attempt. This challenge was really cool for me because it really gave me a chance to expand my horizons on how different instruments were played in band. It was definitely a fun time

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