Teacher of the Week: Mr Prichard

For this week’s teacher of the week, we here in the Paw Print thought the honor should be bestowed upon Mr. Prichard. Mr. Prichard teaches Industrial Tech and CBI, both of which help better prepare our students for life outside of high school. He coaches football and will be our new JV boys basketball coach. He graduated from Bath High School in 1985, and attended Ohio University where he played football. Mr. Prichard worked at Waynesfield–Goshen and Bluffton High School before coming to Bath this year, where he says his favorite part of working here is interacting with our students. He has 4 children: Shelby, Bailey, Darby, and Lucas, as well as one grandchild, Lerou, who is four years old. Mr. Prichard has been married for 27 years to his wife Kelly, who is a teacher at Allen East. A piece of advice he has for us is to enjoy high school, and the relationships you make in it.

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