Study Tips for Students

                                                                 Three Terrific Tips for Studying

                Every student has gone through the struggle of getting to a test and practically having an anxiety attack because you studied the wrong thing, or you didn’t study at all. The first tip when studying for a test is, to stay awake during class, because most of the time your teachers will tell you what is on the test, if you can catch on. To be able to stay awake you will need to get a good night sleep, and eat a healthy breakfast this way your body is fueled with all the right things. Another tip students will need is taking notes in class, and when you take notes make sure that they are readable on a later date. It may also help if you highlight or use a blue pen to take notes. The third tip is to have a friend or family member quiz/ask you questions about your upcoming test, this way you have an idea of how much you know and what you need to study more. These are three terrific study tips for students at B-H-S.




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