Spirit Week

Howdy y’all, here at BHS we are mid-week into spirit week and so far, it has been a pretty spectacular week so far.  For the start of our week, Monday was Pajama day and it was pretty cool to see everyone in the Pajamas, but I do know that wearing Pajamas to school just makes you want to go to sleep.  Tuesday was Hippie day and seeing everyone in their most hippiest outfits.  I think it was the most color I have seen in our school since I was in middle school.  Wednesday was Farmer day and again there was a tractor driven to school again…  It’s nice to know that our school gets so involved into our spirit week.  I’ve never seen so many pairs of boots and flannels, it was awesome to see! Today is Beach day and I wish I would have seen more people wearing beach things, but to the people that did participate, great job and keep up the spirit! Tomorrow is white out so make sure you wear white BHS!

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