October :)

Here at good ole BHS, it’s October and usually October means that leaves will fall and the weather patterns will change and it will be cold.  But obviously since we live in Ohio, we can’t have what we want.  Its still 80 degrees out every day and we still have no air 🙂 so everyone is still sweating.  When October hits, everyone can start wearing their sweaters and jeans and pull out their fall looks before winter hits us.  That doesn’t look like it will happen for us Ohioians, it will probably skip straight from 80 degrees to 30 degrees with no problem.  Supposedly by Thursday it will be cold, but how many times are we told that it will be cold and the next three weeks its hot out.  Hopefully it will be colder by the end of the month, at least a little colder so if you go out tricker-treating, it won’t be so hot out.

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