Need a job?

Coming into high school, teenagers are wanting to become more and more independent, but never have the money to actually do their own thing.  Well if you are one of these teenagers, you should probably start looking for a temporary job.  Most jobs that hire younger teens only pay $8.30 which is minimum wage, so it isn’t the best but it is worth it.  Some jobs include McDonalds, Happy Daz, clothing stores in the mall such as Aeropostale or Rue21, Pizza places or Chuck E. Cheese, etc.  If you want jobs with a range of payments, try dog sitting or babysitting, or even mow lawns for people.  They are more likely to give you more money than a public job.  If you have good grades, you could actually tutor people for money, and the more you help them, the more you make.  People will do anything for good grades but don’t go overboard with the pricing.  If you put your mind to it, there are many very simple ways you can make money and not have to rely on your parents for every dollar you need to spend.

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