Mental Health and Students

Mental Health

In a recent survey I took, I asked ten students from the sophomore class what stresses them out the most about school. Seven students said homework and tests. Two students said balancing out school life and extracurriculars.  One student said school drama.

My poll is a small one compared to the nationwide ones, which tell us more about teen stress. One-third of teens feel anxiety to a significant degree, according to the National Institution of Mental Health. 45% of students said they felt stressed “all the time” according to an After School poll. 62% of college students said that they faced overwhelming anxiety from a survey conducted by the American College Health Association. There are many different factors that go into teen stress. Though, the overwhelming problem is that teens face stress and anxiety more in today’s age.

When we all got our interms; we also received a packet from the superintendent. For the month of October, Bath will be offering a Teen Screening program. This screening is supposed to help find risk factors found with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Parents and teens can look out for any problems related to this issue in its early stages. The screening is confidential and free and is supported by local Mental Health Boards. For many, it is refreshing to see Bath provide a service to its students like this program. Programs like Teen Screening and the suicide prevention club Gatekeepers can help change the environment of the school. It pushes bath in the right direction to make a complete difference in their students’ lives.

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