Marvelous Mrs. Carman

Mrs. Carman

Mrs. Carman is a para-professional here at Bath High School. She is also my wonderful mother, and the best one in the entire world. Mrs. Carman is married to Mike Carman, and has been for 27 years! They have four children together, Lauren, Michael, Cady, and I, who are all bath graduates or soon to be graduates. She graduated from Lima Senior High School, and went to Rhodes State College. Her favorite TV show is Breaking Bad, which she watched within a span of about a month. One thing that Mrs. Carman would not be able to live without is coffee, which is what gives her the fuel to be great every single day. A piece of advice she wants to give to us would be that “there is a life after high school, so don’t get too caught up in it”. Be sure to stop and say hello to Mrs. Carman, I promise she doesn’t bite.

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