Maegan From Fat Jacks

Maegan Dunn is a senior here at Bath High School. Here at Bath Local Schools, Maegan is involved in chamber choir, band, and flags. Her favorite teachers are definitely Mrs. Hartzler and Mr. Steidl. She has worked at Fat Jacks on West Street for about two years now. Maegan’s job is to buss tables. The availability to work there is any day of the week so, she works throughout the week from Wednesday to Sunday. Maegan says she enjoys her time working at Fat Jacks, there isn’t anything she doesn’t like about her job. She absolutely loves the atmosphere and the people at Fat Jacks. When she’s not working, you’ll most likely find Maegan at home reading or out hanging with some of her best friends. If you’re ever out to get pizza from Fat Jack’s, make sure to stop and say hi to Maegan!

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