Incentives For High Schoolers

On October 18, 2018 students from the freshmen class get to go bowling. It is an incentive for the students did better on their state tests, compared to their previous scores. This incentive was also here last year for present sophomores. The incentive was provided by the Bath Middle School. It also raises the question, should the high school provide incentives for its students?

Many students do want incentives for their achievements. A mini poll out of five upperclassmen, all five wanted different incentives for their achievements. Some said they don’t want bowling specifically, but a reward for their achievements. Many freshmen also said that bowling did feel rewarding for their achievements. For a teachers point of view I asked English teacher Mr. Steidl on his opinion on incentives for students. Mr. Steidl said that there are many positive reasons on giving incentives. Students can be rewarded for doing better on the states tests. Mr. Steidl also said that many students don’t really look to college. Therefore, having an incentive that feels rewarding can be a motivation for many students.

With the positive sides, there’s also negatives. Mr Steidl also mentioned some of them. He stated that the high school did provide incentives for there students if they pass their tests. It would be money incentives or even a trip to Cedar Point. When they did this, scores really didn’t change. The students who usually did good, did good. The students who don’t do as well or just didn’t care, didn’t do good. The incentives really didn’t change anything. Looking at the scores, with the incentive and with not, nothing drastically changed. Schools in our area, that usually rank higher than us, don’t give out incentives like these. Giving out incentives like these have their positives and negatives. So it is very debatable whether or not the high school should give out incentives.


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