Homecoming 2018

Homecoming was this weekend October 6, 2018. Before homecoming, a few events took place. These included the homecoming parade, bonfire, and football game. At the parade, multiple groups/ teams/ organizations walked around campus and showed their spirit off to the community. This event had an amazing turn out. Following the parade, was the bonfire. Here, the students and parents got to listen to speeches from teams. There was also music from the band and chanting from the cheerleaders. Two days later was the homecoming game. Bath played St. Mary’s. Before the game, the homecoming king and queen were announced. Riley Iiames and Vinny Abrams won. Next day was homecoming! The theme was under the sea. The student council set up and planned this event. The decorations included seaweed, fish on the wall, and a picture booth when you first walk in. In my opinion, homecoming was really fun this year! It was nice to see all the interactions between the students.

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