Gomez going places

Mr. Joe Gomez has been a teacher here at bath for twelve years. He has been teaching here in the high school for ten years now. Mr. Gomez is one out of two of the computer teachers here at Bath High School. He has one daughter and one daughter who also attend Bath Local Schools. Mr. Gomez is the director of Bath’s Pawprint Newscast and Newspaper. Mr. Gomez has also taken upon another exciting job. He is now the Varsity Baseball head coach! Last years’ head coach was our new principal, Mr. Jesko. Last year the boys won seven games total, and unfortunately lost 13 games. This season Mr. Gomez hopes to improve that record and set some new goals for the baseball team. If you ever see Mr. Gomez in the halls, make sure to wish him luck on his first year coaching the Varsity Baseball team!

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