Gatekeepers at B-H-S!

Bath High School is filled with many clubs and activities for students to be involved in. A new club at BHS  this year is Gatekeepers. Gatekeepers was brought to our school by Emily Vandemark, who is a Junior at Bath High School. Gatekeepers is an organization dedicated to helping spread suicide prevention awareness.  Emily decided to bring Gatekeepers to our school when she lost a very close friend of hers about a year ago. She says that this took a toll on her and her friends and she wanted to do something about it. Emily started Gatekeepers with the help of Mr. Gillet and Lucy Flowers. Lucy Flowers runs many Gatekeeper programs at multiple schools. Gatekeepers was a big hit in the beginning of the year and especially at Yes-Fest! Gatekeepers had ninety-one people sign up and many people already involved in the club. The club has a meeting every other Monday during Wildcat Time, and is starting to elect officers soon! If you have heard of Gatekeepers and are interested in the club its not to late to get involved and help out!

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