Fassett Farm Equestrian Therapy Program

Fassett Farms

There is an Equestrian Therapy Program at Fassett Farm. This program has been helping people for over 30 years. At Fassett Farm, riders can ride through many different places. They have indoor arenas, outdoor arenas, and even trails through the woods. Bath High School students had a chance to sign up to volunteer for this at YES Fest and through the Interact Club. On Tuesday October 9th, many Bath students were able to go out to the farm to receive a training on how to work with and handle the horses so that they are able to come back in the future to help kids during their therapy sessions. This training consisted of getting to know the barns and some of the horses as well as learning to groom them and the different brushes used. After the grooming portion was done, the students were able to learn how to put on a halter, walk some of the horses, and learn the commands. They also learned how to walk beside a person that will be there for therapy and make sure they are safe.

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