Fan Of The Week

“Do you have spirit?  Let’s hear it!”  What better way to celebrate the freedom of your country and support Bath’s football team at the same time than the theme USA?  The fan of the week was easily spotted in the crowd of the Bath High School student section.  Although we are known for our school spirit and everyone was decked out with the theme, junior, Morgan Mosley definitely had the best spirit at the game Friday night against Defiance.  Whether our team wins or loses, Morgan is always there to support and go all out on the theme.  Morgan participated in all of the class chants as well as cheering along with the cheerleaders.  Her voice was easily distinguished over all the voices in the student section.  Morgan wore a USA bucket hat, a red shirt, a pair of jeans, red socks, and white converse.  Her bracelets even matched the theme!  Morgan carried a USA flag with her as well.  Keep an eye out for Morgan at the games, and don’t be surprised when she is decked out with tonight’s theme too!

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