Constructions Closes the Roads

For a while now construction has been going in and out of Lima.  Recently, as everybody knows, the city has been painting the lines on 117 also known as Bellefontaine.  Right down the road though is even more construction on Shawnee, Hill, and Market street.  The city has decided to make an underpass at the five point’s railroad.  This is for the safety reasons with the hospital, and getting patients to the hospital quicker.  They have already started the process with digging in the hole in front of and behind the railroad.  The construction didn’t start until Monday, October 8th, 2018. The construction will not end until May 2019 the reconstruction of Elm Street and Shawnee street will close down between Hill Street and Market to all traffic.  During this time Roberts Avenue will be used as the north-south detour for traffic.  Lincoln Park will be able to be accessed from the east by Elm and north from Shawnee street.  The Lima Senior Stadium can still be accessed from High Street, Sugar Street, and Shawnee Street.  Finally, the lanes will be reduced from three to two for the construction of the storm sewer.

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