Band Member Of The Week

Hollis Erickson is a senior band member here at bath high school. Hollis is the daughter of Bob and Louise Erickson. Bob and Louise are the buying committee for the music association. They buy all of the food and stock the concession stands. They also both volunteer as chaperones when needed. Hollis, like her parents, is very helpful around the school. Hollis has attended bath local schools since first grade. She joined band in fourth grade, making this her eighth year. Hollis is in marching band and concert band. In marching band, Hollis is one of the two majorettes, and in concert band she plays the bassoon. Hollis says if she could play any instrument, other than the one she already plays, it would be the piccolo trumpet because they’re so small and cute! Hollis says her favorite teacher is Mr. Steidl and her favorite class is trigonometry. After high school, hollis plans to attend the University of Cincinnati for a degree in mechanical engineering. When hollis isn’t working at the laundromat or at school, she enjoys hangin out with her friend, Tanner. Sleeping is also something she is very fond of. If you see Hollis in the halls, make sure to stop and say hey!

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