Astonishing Addie

Addie Parker, 17, is a senior this year at Bath High School.  While here at school she is a part of the group Shine.  Her closest friends are Kaley Perry and Megan Clinger, and her favorite thing to do is to hang out with them inside and outside of school.  Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, which is coming up really soonShe likes to watch hockey, and her favorite team is the Columbus Blue Jackets.  While watching television she can cuddle up with her dog, Akierra.  She can also eat some of her favorite food which is Italian while watching her favorite movie She’s the Man.  Addie has been at Bath High for 4 years now and within that short time her favorite memory is when she was hit in the face with a door freshman year.  Her senior experience has also been a hit, because someone thought she was a twin this year.  If you have a chance to say hi to Addie do it soon because this is her last year at Bath.

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