Senior and Prom Edition

As you all know, the senior’s last day is tomorrow. Unfortunately, we cannot all be this lucky and the rest of us still have to go for a little while longer. As the seniors leave the school tomorrow, we are selling two different editions of The Paw Print. Not only will we be selling the senior edition but also the prom edition. The senior edition is a little different. It is actually printed in color and has all the information about all the seniors in the school. This edition will be $2.00, but if you buy it you will get the prom edition for free. If you do not want to pay $2.00 for our senior edition, you can still buy the prom edition alone for the usual cost of $0.25. Please be sure to make it to school tomorrow and buy your copy of both of these editions as they will be great and the seniors will be leaving. Thank you!

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