Prom 2018

This past weekend, Bath High School had it’s amazing prom night. It was hosted at the UNOH Event Center and we had a theme of “enchanted forest”. Before prom, many people got there a little before it started to do our “walk through” where we all get in groups and take pictures before entering. At the dance, we had an awesome DJ who played great music for us all night long. Throughout all of this great music, we all were having a blast on the dance floor and occasionally got out of the circle to re-hydrate on water and some snacks. If you stayed for the whole dance, (hopefully you did), the boys and girls of each grade all got a picture together and we finished up taking additional individual pictures with our friends. After prom ended, we headed over to the Axis Center for a great post prom where we played many different games and such. Hopefully you all had a prom to remember!

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