Cavaliers Steal Game 1

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors have had quite the history the past few years in the post-season. In 2017, the Raptors were swept by Cleveland and in 2016, they were whooped in six games. It’s safe to say that they are definitely tired of losing to a LeBron James-led team. This year, many people believe that it could be different with the Cavaliers being the weakest they have been in a long time. The Raptors started off the game extremely well pulling the lead close to 20 points. The Cavaliers however ran into overdrive in the second quarter. They cut the lead down to three points just before halftime. The second half was extremely tight points-wise and the game went into overtime. In overtime, the Cavaliers ended up pulling out the victory with a score of 113-112. LeBron led them with 26 points but they also had lots of players give support: J.R. Smith, Kyle Korver, Jeff Green, and Tristan Thompson. Toronto was led by Jonas Valanciunas who had 21 points.

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